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The Ultimate Diabetes Coach Shares his Diabetes Complete Success Program Like Never Before

If you already have the first set of Dr. Bernstein's MP3s here's what's new! These new recordings include eye-opening and invaluable new insights from Dr. Bernstein not provided in the first version of his Secrets Audio Series in 2006. Some highlights of what's new...

  • How Dr. Richard K. Bernstein achieved the vital stats of a young athlete — at 80 years young
  • Dr. Bernstein's frightening prognosis and lab results as a young man, before developing his systematic program
  • The specific personal details of Dr. B's lab results
  • How he achieved them, and what motivates him to stay on track
  • What other autoimmune disorders he is personally fighting with and winning
  • New information on diabetes complications that have been reversed as a result of normal blood sugars
  • And more...
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Dr. Bernstein, the best-selling author of the Diabetes Solution and The Diabetes Diet, provides six hours of recorded one-on-one patient visits and candid commentary sharing precisely how to get your life back by getting your blood sugars and health in control.

From diet, exercise, medications, foot care, dental care, and blood glucose monitoring… you’ll learn exactly what his patients learn when they come to his office in Mamaroneck, NY.

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This is not the "standard approach" to diabetes care offered by most doctors today, which is well documented to produce suboptimal results.

Patients from around the world pay $480 an hour for Dr. Bernstein’s exceedingly limited time. They fly to New York and pay for hotel accommodations for a two and a half day office visit.

But you can get his latest life-giving insights from actual recordings of patient visits in one package. It is available to you when and where you want — without traveling, spending vacation time, or paying for a hotel — at a fraction of the cost.

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Type 1 - Second Edition MP3 set + Diabetes Solution + Diabetes Diet bonus package Type 2 - Second Edition MP3 set + Diabetes Solution + Diabetes Diet bonus package
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These insights were hand-picked topics from Dr. Bernstein’s teleseminars through 2012.

This is a searchable, full text PDF …for you to search, read, print, save and view on your Kindle, or read on your smartphone at will – to help you defy the damage, indignities, and constraints of diabetes including:

  1. A Sad Consequence of Autonomic Neuropathy
  2. According to the Accord Study, Tight Control May Increase Your Risk for Death – Dr. Bernstein Explains Why Tight Blood Glucose Control Will Not Kill You
  3. ADA and AHA Believes Artificial Sweeteners Encourages Overeating of Fats
  4. Are Ketogenic Diets Safe for Diabetics?
  5. Beware of Powdered Artificial Sweeteners: Read Labels to See if They Contain Sugar Fillers
  6. Cancer, CVID and Diabetes
  7. Carb Counting… What Does 6-12-12 Really Mean?
  8. Continued Fatigue after Thyroid Treatment, Add L-Carnitine
  9. Diabetes Associations Release Joint Statement on Diabetes Recommendations
  10. The Most Common Cause of Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  11. Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Preventing Amputations, Venous Stasis Leg Ulcers
  12. Discussion on the Use of Aspirin for People with Diabetes
  13. Do You Think You Are Too Thin? How to Gain Weight without Disrupting Your Blood Sugars
  14. Foot Care
  15. How Elevated Blood Sugars Cause Diabetes Complications
  16. How Much Do I Pay Per Year to Treat My Diabetes?
  17. How to Extend the Basal Insulin for Overnight
  18. How to Prevent Hospitals from Giving Glucose Solution While You are in the Hospital
  19. Hypothyroidism
  20. Intermittent Claudication
  21. Is Glucose a Continuous Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Mortality?
  22. Joint Diabetes Associations A1c Recommendations
  23. Legal Medical Issues for Kids with Type 1 Diabetes
  24. Metabolic Ketones
  25. Other Causes of Gastroparesis
  26. Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer Are More Common in Diabetics
  27. Rebuttal to the article, Hypoglycemia: from the Laboratory to the Clinic, published in the clinical journal of the American Diabetes Association
  28. Recommendations for the General Flu and H1N1 Vaccines for Adults and Children with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, and Supplements That Might Help
  29. Statins Increase Artery Calcium Score
  30. Statin Pros and Cons (communicated before the new data on arterial calcium came out)
  31. Erroneous Studies Define Normal A1c for Diabetes Patients as 6.5 to 7%
  32. Telephone Consultations Cost Effective for Diabetes Management
  33. Update About Statins and Incretin Mimetics
  34. Updated info on Pancreatitis and the Truth about the Drug, Cycloset
  35. What Happened When I Fed Patients 900 Extra Calories Daily of Pure Fat?
  36. What to Do if Blood Sugar Increases After Exercise or Because of a Public Speaking or Performance Engagement
  37. Why You Should Try to Avoid Unnecessary Steroid Treatments
Type 1 - Add MP3 Set and 37 Tips, Tricks and Sectrets to Defy Diabetes to Cart
Type 2 - Add MP3 Set and 37 Tips, Tricks and Sectrets to Defy Diabetes to Cart
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And for those of you who have never listened to the
orginal Secrets to Normal Blood Sugar Series ...


This information is about good news and diabetes.

It’s about solutions, not problems.

There is ample bad news about diabetes every day ... the growing list of complications associated with the disease is frankly scary.

But in many cases the doctors and researchers are focusing on the wrong things. And in almost all cases they’ve never had to live with it!

Or had to solve their way around every difficulty it presents — day in and day out...

Dr. Richard K. Bernstein has.


He approaches the disease as a scientist — systematically solving each practical problem and complication it throws at us ...drawing on almost 70 years as a personal veteran of diabetes and decades of experience helping patients to get their blood glucose and lives back to normal.

Dr. Bernstein focuses on teaching patients how to have power over their disease by giving the right recommendations, actions and inspiration.

His goal is making health and happiness with diabetes the norm ... reducing a potentially devastating illness to just an inconvenience.

Dr. Bernstein’s insights will clarify how to overcome and avoid problem after problem which patients with standard care are destined for.

"I am a physician specializing in metabolic medicine. I am a diabetic educator and lecture frequently at various physician conferences. I am in awe of the masterpiece Dr. Bernstein has put together. Never has there been a work so thorough, accurate, understandable and most importantly, effective. He's encompassed the entire topic so effectively that no question is left unanswered. This could only be done by someone who is not only well educated but also experienced and passionate about the topic. There is no doubt that this book will save thousands of lives. For the first time in history, a diabetic who follows Dr. Bernstein's advice will have the opportunity to live beyond the average life expectancy as he or she will be far healthier than the average non-diabetic."

David P. Leonardi, M.D.
Las Vegas, NV USA

 Karen A. Robertson
(Belding, MI)

"For the 18 years I have been a Type 1 diabetic, I have not found a more comprehensive source of information on diabetes, which has often frustrated me. This book gives a very thorough picture of the issues related to diabetes, and not only as it relates to diet. It even encompasses things like foot care and other issues diabetics might face. (His) book was somewhat scary to me as I finally understood what my average blood sugars read (A1c tests) and I found that my own average was 200. I am finding that my insulin use is not great for control, and that this diet is likely to get me there. I am somewhat uncomfortable with the low carb thing, but having tried it for the past week, I find it to be not so bad, and my blood sugar levels are decreasing."

"Three years ago I was diagnosed with (Type 2) diabetes. I was like a walking Krispy Kreme donut. After following Dr. Bernsten's advice, watching my carbs, doing my blood tests several times a day, following an exercise program, I lost 35 pounds. Last month when I went for my checkup, my test showed I was not diabetic. I know I am still diabetic, it's just I have it under control to the point my blood sugar level does not show I am diabetic."

Larry McKinnon
(Fremont, CA USA)

—John A. CoIwell, M.D., Ph.D.,
Former President, American Diabetes Association)

"Dr. Bernstein’s book is written from the unique perspective of someone who has not only lived with type 1 diabetes for fifty years, but who has expertly translated insights gained from this experience into his medical practice as a diabetes specialist. Please read this book, if you really want to be proactive in the lifelong battle against diabetes and its complications."

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An MP3 library and PDF transcripts of all 37 Tips and Secrets to Defy Diabetes.

You'll listen to his personal teachings and know Dr. Bernstein's methods as if you flew to New York, paid for hotel accommodations, took time off of work, and actually met with him in his office.

Each package is replete with 6 hours of education with a choice of a specialized set for Type 1 Diabetes or for Type 2 Diabetes so you get just what you need to know...

  • Sorted by Topic
  • Easily searchable from any MP3 Player or smartphone (MP3 Version)
  • Works just like a music album or an audio book
  • Simply select the topic you want to go to from the table of contents
  • If you're traveling, or have some time, you can also just start with the first MP3, and let Dr. Bernstein personally  walk you through the program
  • Special offers on products Dr. Bernstein recommends in his practice
  • Free website and Toll Free phone number for ordering
  • Complimentary diabetes newsletter offer from Diabetes In Control

Sections include...

  • Introduction
  • Dr. Bernstein’s Story
  • What Normal Blood Glucose Readings Really Are
  • Review of Lab Tests
  • How to Measure Blood Sugars Painlessly
  • How to Document your Blood Sugars for Your Doctor Using the Glucograf
  • Discussion of the Cell and How Insulin Works
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Basal Insulin
  • Meal Insulin
  • Dawn Phenomenon
  • Gut Distention
  • Incretin Mimetics
  • How Alcohol Affects Blood Glucose
  • How Fats Affect Blood Glucose
  • Cholesterol and Diabetes
  • How Fruits Affect Blood Glucose
  • Foods to Avoid
  • Carbohydrates
  • Testing Foods for Glucose
  • Snack Foods
  • Protein
  • Negotiating a Meal Plan
  • Beta-cell Burnout
  • How to Use Insulin Properly
  • Sickdays, Vomiting, and Dehydration — Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Ketones
  • Dealing with Diarrhea and Fever
  • Upper Respiratory Infections — Colds and Flu
  • Oral Health
  • Medical Alert
  • Exercise — Anaerobic and Aerobic
  • Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Foot Care — Preventing Ulcers and Amputation
  • Hyperglycemia
  • RR Interval Test (distance between heart beats)
  • Nerve Function
  • Carbohydrate Cravings
  • Eating Out
  • Neuropathy
  • Conclusion
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How much is great health worth? $100,000? $1 million? more?

Normalizing blood sugar levels is the most effective action almost anyone with diabetes can take to reduce and avoid problems that go on for pages...

"We can’t cure diabetes, but substantially improving our control is the next best thing."

Unfortunately, Dr. Bernstein’s time is very difficult to get and costly — because of the research he does and the huge demand for his expertise. His waiting list for office visits is months long.

With approximately six hours of content (plus transcripts), this package is worth well over $2,880 — not including the savings in airfare, hotel accommodations, and your precious time.

But we want as many people to benefit from this program as possible as soon as possible.

We intend that everyone who seizes this opportunity values and follows the program like their lives depend on it, because in part they do!

The first version of the CDs sold for a minimum of $129.95. Thousands of people bought and benefitted immensely.

Version 2 actually contains MORE information. NEWER insights. EXTRA value.

...and we are going to cut the price so more people can benefit.

That means your investment is only:

$ 85.93 for the MP3s and 37 Tips and Secrets for Defying Diabetes PDF


It’s simple: Invest now. Save more. Gain soon.

Type 1 - Order now and SAVE! Type 2 - Order now and SAVE!
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This program contains thousands of powerful, scientifically
rigorous insights and improvements for your wellbeing.

Just one or a handful of Dr. Bernstein’s procedures can make a fundamental difference to the outcome
of your diabetes — worth many, many times the investment made. We are confident of that.

In fact we are so confident in the value contained in this package that we will take away all your risk.

If you at any time for a full year after purchase you believe after listening that you did not get the equivalent or greater value from this program than you invested, we will return your money and you can keep the CDs and or MP3s and the PDFs. That is our promise.

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No risk now. Fewer worries about the future.

Type 1 - Order now and SAVE! Type 2 - Order now and SAVE!

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